Tsuga mertensiana

Tsuga mertensiana open cones
Tsuga mertensiana purple cones
Tsuga mertensiana twigs

Family: Pinaceae

Common Name: mountain hemlock

Origin/Ecology: Native to BC

Habit: Narrowly pyramidal, pendulous, upright, to 15 m tall, 7 m wide.

Leaves: Needles in singles, spirally arranged all around shoot, <2 cm, dark green to blue green.

Leaf Arrangement: Spiral

Flowers and Fruit: Male cones tiny, yellow. Female cones tiny, purple, terminal. Fruit small cylindrical cones, pendant, sessile, terminal, reddish-brown.

Bark: Grey-brown, moderately fissured.

Water Use, Soil: Humus rich

Exposure: Full sun to part shade

Landscape Uses: Container planting, forestry, reclamation, screening, shade tree, specimen, wetlands/bogs, wildlife food, wind break.

Limitations: Heart rot

Other Features: Adapted to snow. Has pegs.