Taxus x media

Taxus x media fruit
Taxus x media

Family: Taxaceae

Common Name: yew

Origin/Ecology: Garden origin, cross of T. baccana (English yew) and T. cuspidata (Japanese yew).

Habit: Height ranges from 2-20′ tall depending on cultivar.

Leaves: Two-ranked, pointed, oblong to needle-like, olive to dark green leaves.

Leaf Arrangement: Spiral

Flowers and Fruit: Dioecious. Females produce red, berry-like fruits inside of cones. Each fruit has a single seed almost completely surrounded by a fleshy red aril.

Bark: Scaly brown.

Water Use, Soil: Average, medium moisture, well-drained soils. No tolerance for wet conditions.

Exposure: Full sun to part shade. One of the better evergreen conifers for shady conditions.

Landscape Uses: Foundations, screens or hedges, masses/groups.

Limitations: Susceptible to winter burn in exposed sites. Twig blight, needle blight, root rot, weevils, mealy bugs, scale.

Other Features: