Spiraea douglasii

Family: Rosaceae

Common Name: hardhack

Origin/Ecology: Native to BC.

Habit: Stiffly upright, twiggy. Grows to 2 m tall, 3 m wide.

Leaves: Simple, pinnate venation, soft flexible, glabrous, oblong, dentate. Leaves narrowly oblong, dark green/densely tomentose underneath, toothed at tips.

Leaf Arrangement: Alternate

Flowers and Fruit:Flowers dense panicles, purple-pink, early summer, bowl-shaped, Jun-Jul. Follicle, brown, Sept-Oct (persistent).

Bark: Branches woolly, reddish-brown.

Water Use, Soil: Acidic, bog.

Exposure: Full sun.

Landscape Uses: Erosion control, waterside planting, wildlife food, woodland margin, summer interest, birds, ornamental.


Other Features: Stems very flexible. Often cultivated in English gardens, though usually manicured/pruned.