Sciadopitys verticillata

Family: Sciadopitiaceae

Common Name: Japanese umbrella pine

Origin/Ecology: Native to southeast Asia/Japan/China.

Habit: Narrowly pyramidal, horizontal, to 30m tall, 7 m wide.

Leaves: Two types of leaves: small, scale-like, spirally arranged on twigs/crowded at tips, and long, linear, flattened, in whorls of 20-30 (like umbrella spokes), dark green above with 2 white stomatal bands below.

Leaf Arrangement: Whorled.

Flowers and Fruit: Cones female, single, ovoid (5-8 cm). Cones male, clusters (3-8 mm).

Bark: Exfoliating, orange-brown.

Water Use, Soil: Acidic, well-drained, humus rich

Exposure: Full sun to part shade

Landscape Uses: Specimen

Limitations: Pest and disease resistant.

Other Features: