Sambucus racemosa subsp. pubens var. arborescens

Family: Adoxaceae

Common Name: coastal red elderberry

Origin/Ecology:  Native to BC.

Habit: Arching, grows to 5 m tall, 3 m wide.

Leaves: Compound, soft flexible, lustrous, odd-pinnate, lanceolate, serrulate.

Leaf Arrangement: opposite

Flowers and Fruit: Panicle, white, yellow, Apr-May. Drupe, red, Sept.

Bark: Dark brown, lightly fissured.

Water Use, Soil: Acidic, bog.

Exposure: Part sun, part shade.

Landscape Uses: Attract birds, fall interest, mixed shrub border, reclamation, tall background, wildlife food woodland margin.

Limitations: Dieback, fungal leaf spot, rust, virus.

Other Features:  Tallest Sambucus. Buds more prominent than S. caerulea. Larger, wider leaves. Warty lenticels. Stems less waxy and smooth/shiny. Berries shining red, no wax.