Rubus spectabilis

Family: Rosaceae

Common Name: salmonberry

Origin/Ecology: Native to BC

Habit: Irregular, upright, dense. Grows to 2 m tall, 2 m wide.

Leaves: Compound, soft flexible, lustrous, rugose, trifolate, ovate, double serrate, pinnately lobed.

Leaf Arrangement: alternate

Flowers and Fruit: Flowers clustered, pink, Apr-May. Drupe, aggregate fruit, orange, red, Jul-Oct.

Bark: Papery, exfoliating, orange, prickles, leafy stipules. New stems green, armed.

Water Use, Soil: Acidic, well-drained.

Exposure: Full sun to part shade.

Landscape Uses: Urban agriculture, wildlife food, woodland margin.


Other Features: Grows fast when water is plentiful; survives drought by killing off excess branches. Produces fruit on 2nd year growth in spring.