Picea sitchensis

Picea sitchensis closeup
Picea sitchensis open cones
Picea sitchensis shoot

Family: Pinaceae

Common Name: Sitka spruce

Origin/Ecology: Native to BC

Habit: Widely pyramidal, upright, dense, growing to >30 m tall, 15 m wide.

Leaves:  Needles flattened, sharply pointed, bluish-green with 2 thin white bands underneath, whorled singly around shoots.

Leaf Arrangement: spiral

Flowers and Fruit: Male cones ovoid, yellow-red-purple, <3 cm. Female cones cylindrical, green to pale brown, <10 cm.

Bark: Purple-brown when young.

Water Use, Soil: Acidic, well-drained

Exposure: Full sun to part shade.

Landscape Uses: Forestry, specimen plant, tall background, wind break.

Limitations: Aphids, adelgids, heart rot, mistletoe, rust, scale insects, galls, adelges cooleyi.

Other Features: