Myrica gale

Family: Myricaceae

Common Name: sweet gale

Origin/Ecology: Native to BC.

Habit: Round, upright. Grows to 2 m tall, 1.5 m across.

Leaves: Simple, pinnate venagion, glabrous, oblanceolate, serrate. Bluish hue in spring.

Leaf Arrangement: alternate

Flowers and Fruit: Catkin, green-yellow, brown, Mar-Apr. Drupe, green-yellow, yellow, brown, Sept (persistent).


Water Use, Soil: Acidic. Grows on edges of bogs.

Exposure: Full sun to filtered shade. Intolerant of full shade.

Landscape Uses: Fragrance, native planting, reclamation, waterside planting, wetland/bogs.


Other Features: