Malus fusca

Family: Rosaceae

Common Name: Pacific crabapple

Origin/Ecology: Native to BC

Habit: Upright, twiggy. Grows to 15 m tall, 10 m wide.

Leaves: Simple, pubescent, elliptic, oblong, pinnately lobed, serrate.

Leaf Arrangement: alternate

Flowers and Fruit: Corymb, white, Apr-May. Pome, yellow, red, Aug-Oct.

Bark: Coppery-brown, scaley and plated.

Water Use, Soil: Well-drained, humus rich. Tolerant of wet ground.

Exposure: Full sun to filtered shade.

Landscape Uses: Attract birds, fragrance, herb, spring interest, tall background, urban agriculture, wetland/bogs, wildlife food, woodland margin.

Limitations: Bad choice for Vancouver: many serious diseases, defoliating.

Other Features: Buds spur-like.