Cornus nuttallii

Family: Cornaceae

Common Name: dogwood

Origin/Ecology: Native to BC

Habit: Arching, open, upright. Grows to 22 m tall, 10 m wide.

Leaves: Simple, opposite, soft flexible, heavily veined, pinnate/arcuate venation, pubescent, elliptic, ciliate, undulate.

Leaf Arrangement: opposite

Flowers and Fruit: Small balls of inflorescence surrounded by 6 white petal-like bracts. Drupes, multiple fruit, orange, red, Sept. Sometimes reblooms in fall.


Water Use, Soil: Well-drained.

Exposure: Full sun to deep shade.

Landscape Uses: Native planting, shade tree, spring interest, tall background, woodland margin.


Other Features: Very similar to Eddie’s White Wonder.