Alnus viridis subsp. sinuata

Family: Betulaceae

Common Name: green alder

Origin/Ecology: Native to BC

Habit: Large shrub or small tree 3-12 m tall.

Leaves: Shiny green with light green undersurfaces, ovoid, 3-8 cm long and 2-6 cm broad.

Leaf Arrangement: alternate

Flowers and Fruit: Flowers are catkins, appearing in late spring after leaves. Female catkins 1 cm long and 0.7 cm broad when mature in late autumn, in clusters of 3-10 on a branched stem. Seeds are small, 1-2 cm long, light brown with narrow encircling wing.

Bark: Smooth grey.

Water Use, Soil: Grows well on poorer soils. Requires moist soil.

Exposure: Full sun to full shade.

Landscape Uses: Afforestation on infertile soils, erosion control.


Other Features: Good for snowy areas: branches are flexible and less prone to breakage. Seed cones stand up.