Abies lasiocarpa

Abies lasiocarpa new growth
Abies lasiocarpa purple cone

Family: Pinaceae

Common Name: Rocky Mountain fir

Origin/Ecology: Native to BC

Habit: Grows to 20 m tall, sometimes to 40-50 m, with narrow conic crown.

Leaves: Flat needles to 3 cm long, glaucous green above with a broad stripe of stomata and two blue-white stomatal bands below. Fresh leaf scars are reddish.

Leaf Arrangement: Spiral around shoot but twisted to be at top and sides

Flowers and Fruit: Cones erect, 6-12 cm long, dark blackish-purple with fine yellow-brown pubescence, ripening brown and disintegrating to release winged seeds in early fall.

Bark: Young bark is smooth grey, with resin blisters, becoming rough and fissured or scaly on old trees.

Water Use, Soil: Prefers poor and rocky soils with good drainage.

Exposure: Full sun to part shade.

Landscape Uses: Screen, specimen.

Limitations: Intolerant of urban pollution.

Other Features: