Abies amabilis

Abies amabilis blueblack cones
Taken on the Pacific Crest Trail below McNeil Point, Mt. Hood, Oregon

Family: Pinaceae

Common Name: Pacific silver fir

Origin/Ecology: Native to BC

Habit: Pyramidal, narrow, upright, >30 m tall, 15 m wide. Broad, spreading branches, becoming columnar with conical top.

Leaves: Needles flat, lustrous, dark green top with two white lines underneath, spreading forward and upward. 2-ranked. Smaller needles run down top/centre of stem.

Leaf Arrangement: Spirally arranged

Flowers and Fruit: Purple/blue/black cones when tree reaches ~30 m tall.

Bark: Smooth, white-grey

Water Use, Soil: Likes moist soil.

Exposure: Part sun

Landscape Uses: Forestry. Not grown much in urban conditions: does not tolerate pollution or crowding.


Other Features: